Addressing issues of concern to individuals with developmental disabilities,
their families, and primary supporters.

HELLO, and welcome to my Web site. You are here because you have an interest in some aspect of psycholgical services for individuals who have a developmental disability.

Are you looking for help discovering whether or not a developmental disability is present?
Look under Behaviorial Health Care, Diagnostic Evaluation of Intellectual Function or
Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation

Do you need help encouraging healthier or more functional behavior for
an individual with developmental disabilities?
Look under Behaviorial Health Care, Therapeutic Options

Are you searching for assistance promoting growth, development,
and a happy future for a person with developmental disabilities?
Look under Consultation

Do you want to learn about family issues,
staff or system issues, or specific diagnosis or treatment issues?
Look under Training

My mission is to help individuals, families, and supporters make sense out of life's issues.
Please browse this Web site for information about the services.
Contact me if you have questions or would like to discuss how I may be useful to your needs.


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